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Every driver needs a trusted camera to keep an eye out on the road and the car.

From initial concept to final product, we work hard to provide quality dash camera that you can rely on — especially for the unexpected moments.


We specialise in a wide range of camera solutions including dashboard, infrared, waterproof, wireless and HDR camera. We also develop our own Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System (AVM) to provide stable firmware. Bringing tested quality and technology to clients is our top priority.



AutoSprint Pte Ltd is the sole authorised distributor of Ulink in Singapore. We are a fully fledged automobile workshop that employs cutting-edge technology to cater to car owners who want their car diagnosed, repaired and serviced by the same experts in an expedited manner. "At Your Service, Whenever Possible." We take pride in offering only the best service to our clients. At AutoSprint, we offer an experience for you and the best service for your car. 

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