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3 Channel Full HD Dashboard Camera with LCD Screen


3 Channel FHD with LCD Screen 

User Friendly 3.5-inch Full Touch Screen

1920 by 1080 pixel resolution at  30 fps 

3 Axis High-performance Acceleration Sensor

131° Wide Operating Angle

Out of Stock 

High Quality Recording 

Both front and rear cameras boost an FHD 1080p recording at 30 fps. They give 130° vision to capture a wide surrounding while minimising distortion. 

Parking Surveillance Recording

Parking mode is initiated 10 seconds after the vehicle’s engine is shut off, and recording commences upon impact or motion detection. (The device must be hard wired to enable parking mode recording.)

Advanced Night Vision

Advanced image processing technology provides enhanced visibility in dark and low-light environments.

Image by serjan midili



Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) detects danger in various operating environments and helps to prevent accidents. The system comes with Front Vehicle Start Alarm and Lane Departure Warning System

Format Free Technology


Format free technology (FFT) and serial encoding significantly improves the microSD card file stability and ensures long-lasting storage.

ULINK Mobile Application 


Recordings and Settings can be conveniently managed on the ULINK mobile application, available on Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Temperature Control


The device automatically turns off at 80°C during parking mode to prevent heat damage. 

Low Battery Prevention

The Low Battery Prevention (LBP) function prevents vehicle battery discharge when power drops below a level defined by the user. (You can specify low battery threshold or set time in Settings.) 

Time Lapse Mode


Time lapse mode conserves memory card space by capturing 1 frame per second in parking mode. Time lapse mode allows for approximately 12 times the storage of regular recording.

Car Interior



What's in the box

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1) Front camera 2) Internal camera 3) Rear camera 3) Mount with 3M adhesive 4) Micro SD card with adapter 5) Rear camera wiring 6) Hardwiring power cable 7) Manual


Internal & Rear

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